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We spent this past weekend in Nashville. The main reason was for my college roommate’s wedding, but it was also a mini college reunion, and a chance to explore Nashville. I had been to Nashville once before in 2008 to visit her, but it was A.K.’s first time.

Part 1: Being a Tourist

We went to Loveless Cafe, which is a restaurant famous for its country cooking, specifically their biscuits.

Check out these biscuits, yum. They came with three different homemade jams. They were followed by a lot of deliciously fried, heart attack inducing entrees.

We went by the Riverfront where they were setting up for their concerts for CMA fest next week.

We browsed some funny Nashville souvenir shops filled with all the necessities to dress head to toe like a true cow girl.

We also went to Centennial Park.

Centennial Park is known for its life-size replica of the Greek Parthenon. We didn’t really get this particular landmark. Why would someone recreate a replica of an already existing famous architecture? And why in Nashville of all places?

Someone with too little creativity and too much cash must have come up with this one. Does anyone know why? Wikipedia was no help.

We went out in downtown Nashville. Which was crowded and full of Bachelorette parties, and an interesting mish-mash of people young and old, and from all over the country. There was some very entertaining people watching.

We went to Tootsies, a bar that a lot of people recommended we goto that had amazing cover bands, which I really enjoyed even though I’m not really a big country music fan. But, when in Rome…

We also went to Cadillac Ranch, that had more mainstream music and a dance floor.

I loved how a lot of girls wore cowboy boots with their sun dresses.

Also, side note: gas is Nashville is free compared to DC or NY.

Part 2: The Wedding

The wedding was outside in the scorching, sweaty, heat. But it didn’t rain, so that’s all that matters because it was a beautiful wedding.

She’s the first out of us seven (one was missing) college roommates to get married, and it was so fun that we could all get together to spend her special day with her.

Many of my other friends were off at their various east coast colleges this past weekend at their 5 year reunions. Ithaca College didn’t have one, but we made our own and it was perfect.

Have you ever been to Nashville?