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There’s nothing like coming home to dinner being made for you.

This is my favorite A.K. made dinner. It’s the epitome of couples’ compromise. It balances out what I love (veggies), and what he loves (fish/meat) into the perfect, healthy, warm weather meal. It’s filling, satisfying, and is best when paired with a weekday run around the neighborhood, and followed with a smoothie. 🙂

I love it when A.K. comes home from work before me and makes dinner.

When I cook I need to plan, research recipes, shop for additional ingredients, and then take my time cooking so that I don’t mess everything up. Minimum time required: 1 hour.

When AK cooks he just checks what’s in the fridge, and throws together any kind of meat and commodity he happens to find in there. Some spices, a tablespoon of butter, and he’s done. 15 minutes.

The meals are delicious. But they tend to fall into the “man-food” food group.

man food (n) – nourishment consisting of abundant proportions of meat and starch. Rarely involving anything of nutritional value.

How do I feel about man food?

A work night when I don’t have to cook is truly a beautiful thing.

And weekends at a barbecue or baseball game, man food is the perfect touch.

Every day of the week? Not so much.

We are learning to compromise though.

Baked potatoes have replaced french fries.

And some kind of vegetable side is now being thrown into the mix, whether he eats them or not.

He has even grown an appreciation for asparagus. And now recently mushrooms. Maybe onions or tomatoes are next?

Shouldn’t push my luck? Okay.

I have compromised too, and appreciate the work he puts into making any type of dinner.

Thank you for making dinner, honey. ❤

How do you compromise in the battle of the man food?