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Watching the Bachelorette has become a serious event.

I can’t even say I watch because I think it’s a good show. I think I watch more because it’s addicting. And because my friends and I started watching in college and we still watch “together” via Facebook and text messages. Discussing the ridiculousness of this show is just too fun to stop.

Because of this, A.K. has been dragged into watching the show too. He’s a good sport. He’s gotten good at guessing who the first impression rose will go to, or who will get kicked off and we get really into it.

So, this year we decided to take our dedication to picking favorites to a whole new level.

We filled out Bachelorette Brackets.

We do them for basketball… why not for the Bachelorette?

This bracket came from a blog of a former Bachelor contestant, and it’s just what we needed to kick up the competition in season 7. There are five of us in our pool. Two guys, three girls. Competing to see who is better at predicting Bachelorette love; all based on the first two episodes.

We filled these out tonight.

Here is my bracket: 

Here is A.K.’s bracket:

Let the trashy television madness begin.