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It all started with one big, blank wall and a Pinterest inspiration that sent me on an adventure to IKEA to find the perfect, yet low price, frames for our living room.

I may have gone a little overboard; but at frames in varying sizes that were all under $12 each – I couldn’t resist. All of these (14 to be exact) totaled at $120!

We needed to fill the big blank wall in our living room and I’ve been searching for ideas for a while now.

I don’t exactly consider myself good at home decor. I’ve spent the last decade of my life living in dorm room environments where everything around me was cheap and mismatched, and the only things on the wall were posters and photo collages. Although we are still budget friendly, I wanted to make our home together a little classier and well thought out. So I haven’t been rushing decorating, and am taking it one bit at a time, as inspiration comes at me. So with this space, it was pretty hard to find a piece of artwork that wouldn’t compete with our already very big statement piece in the living room.

During my search I browsed through thousands of Pinterest inspirations and made a compilation of all my favorites in my wall decor inspiration board. This photo from Young House Love especially stood out to me due to its clean simplicity.

I didn’t realize how huge these Ribba frames were in real life though, so in the end I chose the slightly smaller Virserum frames at only $10.99 each! Love IKEA.

This project was much bigger than we anticipated.  A very, very, patient A.K. used some high level math to make sure the frames were centered on the wall and an equal distance apart.

I am not detail oriented at all. I would have never had the patience to make it look so perfect. If it were up to me I probably would have gotten way too frustrated. I’d probably get angry, frames would have gone flying in the air, and instead, we would have settled for a  frame collage of 7, because one would have cracked as I threw it off the balcony. Thank You A.K. 🙂

Here is our result. So much homier.

It’s simple, clean, modern, and with a compilation of photos of places we’ve been and people we love; it really adds a personal touch to our new home.

Now I’m back to Pinterest to find some inspiration for our kitchen and guest bedroom walls… To be continued.

Do you use Pinterest? blogs? or anything else? to inspire your projects?