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I don’t really eat fast food.

Yes, it’s partially because I’m a health nut. But I also just really don’t enjoy it, and find that I’m hungry within the hour afterwards anyways. I try to avoid it, and pack my own snacks if I can help it.

If I’m on the road and need to eat fast food it’s Subway, Chipotle, or the occasional Sheetz Shmuffin. That’s pretty much it.

However, in the past I’ve tried the McDonald’s snack wrap.

It’s the only thing on their menu that sounds like real food. It tastes like chicken, it’s easy to eat without making a mess in the car. If I’m desperately hungry, I’ll eat it.

But it’s very boring and limp. It has potential for so many amazing flavors and fillings. All I could think about while eating it was, “This could be so much better if I made my own version at home.”

So I did!

I started with seasoning some shrimp and browning it up on the stove.

Next, I sautéed some chicken, by covered it in seasoning.

Place a tortilla on a preheated pan, and warm up for about 3 minutes, turning it halfway. Then add your desired toppings. Top with cheese and let it melt before taking off of the pan.

On a plate add any veggies or sauces.

Roll up and you have your own, homemade, wayyy healthier fast food.

Do you eat fast food? Do you make any of your favorites at home?