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It’s so hard to love Mondays. But here are five things I’m loving today:

Beyoncé’s amazing performance at the Billboard awards last night.
She is so talented. Whenever I see her music video or performances, I drop what I’m doing (in this case it was a wall decorating project in the new place) and stare admiringly in amazement. Her “girls who run the world” song isn’t even that good, just repetitive, but it’s what she brings to it that makes it an undoubted big hit. And her award acceptance speech was nothing but grace and class. Shouting out to Destiny’s Child and Jay-Z. If you haven’t seen the performance, do it.

Rainy weeks, and sun filled weekends. Staying at work longer isn’t too hard if the weather outside is miserable. But having a weekend full of sun, 80 degree weather, and time spent outside was just glorious. By the look of the forecast, we are back to thunderstorms for the week…


Day of cleaning and house projects with A.K. Sounds boring, but it was so nice and productive. I’ve been planning a wall of photos project for a while, and thanks to finally having time to trek out to IKEA and thanks to A.K.’s (very patient) help it was realized this weekend (final project pictures to come later).

Blueberries in my cereal. It’s finally blueberry season! They are finally on sale, and I am thoroughly enjoying having them back as part of my breakfast ritual.

Bachelorette Season Premiere Tonight! So, I’m not sure how I feel about Ashley H. being the new bachelorette, but that is definitely not going to stop me from watching the premiere.

Anyone else excited? Or is the show way past its expiration date?

It’s the little things. What are you loving today?

Happy Monday!