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My parents came to visit this weekend, and we spent a sunny Mother’s day hiking. Who knew Maryland was so pretty? I sure didn’t.

It was my first real opportunity to allow my pasty skin to frolic in the sun this year (besides walking from my house to the car), so I thoroughly enjoyed it. Even though some of the rock climbing got a little aggressive for me, and my non-rock climbing friendly, city slicker Pumas; but it was a great workout, and fun quality time spent with my parents.

{Here are some lunch-time links that I am enjoying this week}:

♥  TV Guilty Pleasure: The rumors about this being the last season of Gossip Girl have been confirmed as false! Season 5 might be the last, but I’m way more okay knowing there’s one more year of being jealous of their fashion, as oppose to one more episode. Taylor Momsen and Jessica Szhor are not coming back, but it seems like their characters have been pretty much phased out this season.

♥  Have you ever shopped in the ever so crowded, but utterly amazing Century 21 in NYC? I have spent full days there in the past, and even Carrie Bradshaw once shopped there. Well now they have brought their store online, for those of us that can’t make it to their very few locations, or who just don’t have the patience to stand in a 2 hour fitting room line. Yes exciting! There is no link to share, because so far this site is using personal invites to grow. So email me at loftyappetite@gmail.com (or just mention in the comments field), if you are interested in an invite!

♥ Amazon has  also jumped on the fashion site bandwagon with My Habit, for designer deals for less. It’s kind of like Ebay’s Fashion Vault, if you are familiar with that gem. Check out Haute Lunch for more information on My Habit, and enjoy a $10 off coupon code during the month of May, using “MYHABIT1”!

♥  Health Self magazine has created this great list of Habits of Happy Women, to boost your spirits when happiness doesn’t come as easily some days more so than others.  They are all great, but my top 3 favorites are: taking a photo every day, enjoy a creative moment (blog!), and do something girly.

♥  Songs: EW online keeps posting new female artist single releases this week.  It’s way more than usual, which makes me guess they are most likely competing for song-of-the-summer status. First impressions of the list of songs from EW today:

  • Nicole Scherzinger (ft 50 cent) –  Right There I miss PCD, not impressed with this one, sounds like a billion other songs
  • Katy Perry – Last Friday Night (TGIF)it’s no “California Girls” – def catchy, but sounds like her other songs
  • Lady Gaga – The Edge of Glory Not as good as Judas or Born this way, but still quality Gaga. Follows the same dancey 80s vibe. It kind of reminds me of a early 90s tv show theme song with the trumpets in the background.
  • JLo ft lil Wayne – I’m into you Def my favorite off this list. I love the island vibe of the music, and the random African dance breakdown. JLo is back, and I love her. Her whole “Love?” album is really fun. Gaga wrote Hypnotico so it sounds like one of her songs, but with JLo flare. So far I think this album is gonna be my summer dance-in-my-car soundtrack.

♥ Speaking of being obsessed with JLo. JLo and Mark Anthony are launching a collection for Kohls. It will consist of apparel, accessories, and home decor. I love these designer/celebrity, affordable collections/collaborations, so this is only fueling my love for JLo that has grown since she started being a judge on American Idol, and of course her music too, so I am excited to check it out.

What are your favorites from this list of new singles? Do you have any other suggestions as songs of summer candidates?