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Like most girls, I am a sucker for any beauty products. Any brand, Any price range, Any color, Any type. I’ll try any product once. I try to stay away from the makeup aisles at Target or at the grocery store, because heaven forbid there’s something on sale, and it accidentally “falls” into my basket.

For some reason, the tiny size of the item justifies it being a “tiny” purchase. And then I wonder why dropping into the store to grab a gallon of milk turns into a $40 tab… grocery store items are all necessities, right?

I try to always use coupons at Ulta and use my citi credit card points to get Sephora gift cards. It’s like “free” play money that allows me to spend hours upon hours playing in the store and deciding on what to get.

So, this weekend when I was at Target, I made a wrong turn looking for A.K’s shaving cream, and landed right in front of a *new* addition to my particular Target’s makeup section: e.l.f. beauty products. I had heard of eyeslipsface before, and knew that they sell makeup online where each item is only $1.  I had heard varying reviews on the brand. Some people love it, some people think it’s okay depending on the product. So I decided it’s time for me to find out, what my opinion is. For $1 an item, it is so worth a try.

I first turned to twitter to aid in my decision.

Joining twitter has been one of the greatest turning points in blogging. It is the best way to interact with other bloggers, and in this case it was an instant way to get some great shopping advice.

Unfortunately Target didn’t have any of their nail polishes, but I got the super gloss, one brush, one blush/bronzer, and a face stick (just because it was called a face stick and I was curious).

Here are my reviews based on the following scale: Hate, Meh, Like, Love

e.l.f. all over color stick in Golden Peach – $1.00. I first tried this over my eyes and wasn’t impressed. It was just shiny, no color. So I decided to go back to my regular bronze eyeshadow and put that over it. It gave my old shadow a really cool metallicy effect! It basically acted as shimmery primer, and lasted all day without budging. I will use this as a primer as well as a highlighter stick for cheek bones or eyes. I definitely want to try some of the different colors. Overall review: Love.

e.l.f. Essentials Super Glossy Lip Shine in Pink Kiss– $1.00. I’m not really a big lip gloss wearer, unless it’s clear because I hate when it lumps or gets on my teeth. I don’t really like to deal with the maintenance behind that. But I do like this gloss, it glides on smooth and has SPF 15. It’s thicker and high in pigment (so don’t put on too much or you might risk looking like a 5-year-old playing with her mom’s makeup), and it is a nice subtle color. The best part is that it smells delicious! I probably eat 95% of it off within the first 5 minutes of wear. So I agree with Nina Holland‘s opinion, this gloss is pretty good! Overall review: Like.

e.l.f. Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder – $3.00. Let me start by saying I’m a bit of a powder snob. I read somewhere once upon a time, that when it comes to cheap makeup vs. more expensive makeup the one type of product worth investing in is anything in powder form due to variations in long lasting quality and pigment. I have stuck to that and buy the pricier versions of eyeshadow (Urban Decay and MAC are my favorites) and foundation (Clinique). So I just kinda grabbed this one for kicks because I have so many different blushes/bronzers that I don’t use because of not loving the color, so I wanted to try a different one.

I am shocked to say that I love this! The pigment is VERY strong. Which can result in clown cheeks if you use it incorrectly! I had to remove a lot at first because I used it like I would any other bronzer/blush – in great amounts. For a $3 bronzer that kind of strong pigment is rare, and because of that it will probably last long! (Unless you are pasty like me and overuse bronzer as a substitute for lack of sun). I love the color , it may not work for all, but I really like the shades on my olive skin tone. Although, mixing the right proportions of pink and gold can help achieve the right color for your skin. Overall review: Love.

e.l.f. Essentials Eye Shadow Brush – $1.00. I’ve been through so many makeup brushes it’s not even funny. Ranging all over in price. My biggest issue is taking care of brushes. I’m not good at cleaning them, and I get grossed out that they are still full of bacteria, after finally washing it after months of it laying around the bottom of my makeup bag. I’ve thrown away many cheap ones. And have two favorites (from Tarte) that I am trying really hard to take good care of now since they are pricier. This eyeshadow brush is okay (you were right Violet Sage). It does the job, but it is already losing some of its bristles after two uses. I would get this for a brush you don’t always use (maybe lip or eyeshadow) versus a foundation powder or blush brush that is used more. Overall review: Meh.

How do you store your brushes? I need help, so that I save my brushes and take better care of them.

All in all, I am pleasantly surprised by e.l.f. products, and will definitely be trying them again. Based on the reviews I’ve read their concealer is great, and the lowest reviews usually go to the quality of eyeshadows, but those opinions are mixed. It’s probably like other brands, it really depends on the color.

You can try for yourself and buy them straight from their website (shipping is $6.95 unless you purchase over $25 worth), or Target stores are selling them as well. (These are all purely my opinions due to love of playing with makeup, I am not being compensated by the brand).

Let me know if you’ve tried e.l.f. and what you think of the products!