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“The world’s favorite season is the spring.  All things seem possible in May.” –  Edwin Way Teale

I’m so happy May is here! It’s probably my favorite month of the year.

Here are some other things I’m loving today:

Body Pump: I tried my very first Body Pump class this weekend. BodyPump is a muscle toning program that is designed to improve strength and endurance in all of your muscle groups. It is the same anywhere you go, with new releases coming out every 3 months. The classes are 60 minutes long and contain eight separate muscle-group specific songs or “tracks” along with an opening warm up track and closing cooldown track. Here is the release I did:

BODYPUMP 77 tracklist

The songs were all so fun, really help motivate, and keep me moving even when my muscles felt like they were going to fall off. Three days later I am still in serious muscle pain, which means two things: 1) I am in major need of getting into better shape and 2) I can’t wait to do it again.

coveting:  Toms. Okay so I’m a little embarrassed to admit this one… but now I am kind of wanting a pair of Toms. At first I didn’t understand this movement and why so many people loved them. I thought they looked like they had a minimum age requirement of 75, and only belonged in a nursing home. I know, I’m horrible. Especially since this company is dedicated to providing one pair of shoes to a needy child for every pair of Toms purchased. How can you not want to support that? And then I heard so many people gush about how incredibly comfortable they are and how they are perfect for a trip to Europe (hey, I’m going to Europe). So my curiosity was peaked. This weekend I spotted a pair at Nordstrom, but they weren’t just any TOMS, they were covered in glitter! I love all shiny, sparkly things so I tried them on and validated that they were made to be on my feet. I haven’t purchased them yet (need a sale/coupon, of course), but I am now officially convinced. I am even seeing replicas of these shoes in Target and Payless.

This is kind of like how it took me 6 years to get on the UGG bandwagon. I have a hard time being convinced into ugly, comfy shoes. If UGG had just thrown some glitter on them, it may have taken less time…

Blog Link Love:

♥ Possessionista is a blog that covers where trends spotted on TV. Want to know where Kate Middleton’s dress is from that she wore on her way to escape on an island in the middle of the Indian ocean for their honeymoon? Or Haley’s amazing outfits from American Idol? She’s got them instantly.

♥ Haute Lunch had a great post on how to buy on eBay. She lists some great buying strategies whether you are new to eBay or not.

♥ I love Gypsy Diaries for its European flair. Gabby is Hungarian, living in Germany and her perspective on European culture and fashion is refreshing and enlightening. Her gorgeous photographs don’t hurt either!

Happy Monday!

Have you tried Body Pump? What is your opinion on Toms shoes?