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To say I’ve been stressed out this week is an understatement. The overwhelming amount of pressure at work has caused me to lose my mind. All week I put off going to bed and drown myself in house work to avoid the torture of  trying to fall asleep tossing and turning thinking about spreadsheets and deadlines. My attempts to be as put together and in control as I possibly can at work, have caused me to break down completely into tears the second I get into my car.  And overreact to other non work related situations as a way of displacing my frustrations with work. I know I’m taking it all too hard, work will be work and all the problems will still be there waiting for me on Monday. I just  need to take this weekend to reevaluate, get my head back on straight, and enjoy every second I have away.

I’m home at my parents’ house for the Easter weekend. I’m not sure if I’ve ever been so excited to be home.  I haven’t been back in upstate NY since Christmas, everyone has been coming to our new place instead. Although I have not missed the weather being 20-40 degrees cooler than MD, I have missed anything and everything else about being *home.*

I love my parents house in the subarbs and the peace and familiarity of it all.

I love driving around the memory-filled streets of Rochester and countless trips to Wegmans.

I love all the home cooked meals, and waking up to the most delicious breakfasts.

I love drinking obscene amounts of tea, and long talks with my parents that come with it.

I love the Easter holiday. I think it’s underrated. It represents new beginnings, Spring awakening, and of course lots of sugary foods. 🙂

going to church to bless our painted eggs and other Easter food

I love all the Polish traditions that come with Easter. The painting of the eggs (pisanki), dressing up in colorful outfits, blessing of the Easter baskets at church, overdosing on different variations of eggs, and the reuniting with old friends.

typical Polish pisanki

Happy Easter and have a great weekend!

How do you deal with stress?

What does your family do for Easter?