Thank you for all the comments and advice last week. You have no idea how much they make my day! The advice really motivated me to do as much of my morning routine as I could last night. I had prepared my clothes, gym bag, and breakfast, and arrived at work exactly at 8:30 this morning! Success. So, thank you for giving me that extra bit of motivation I needed by sharing your own morning routines!

The weekend started with a relaxing Friday off, and was followed by travel, time with AK’s family, and lots of delicious food.

Here are some photos summing up my weekend.

our new balcony furniture and budding trees!

enjoying the new furniture and relaxing outside

roadtrip to cold and windy upstate NY

AKs nephew's beautiful homemade birthday cake!

AK's mom let me borrow this gorgeous turquoise necklace

Happy Monday!