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My favorite part about moving to the D.C. area is definitely the weather. I’ve never experienced such an early spring, consistently hot summer, sunny days year round, a fall that lasts a full 3 months (vs. a few weeks before frost hits), and a short and mild winter. I like having all four seasons, but I like that here there is just enough cold to check the box and then move on back to the warmer days.

Today the high is supposed to be 82. Amazing. Not a cloud in the sky. Hello summer, I hope you stay.

Yesterday was a little cooler, but still beautiful. We ventured downtown to see the cherry blossoms. We missed them last year, so this year I wanted to make sure I finally got to see them in person.

It was sooo crowded! But we managed to squeeze in and get some great photos.

Love how blue the sky is.

It was really windy and people will flying kites on the national mall. Perfect spring day.

These below aren’t cherry blossoms, but still gorgeous nonetheless.

I’ve been doing a lot of gushing… yes I love D.C. and all of its sunny happiness. But if you’re thinking, come on now it’s Monday I need some reality. What don’t I love about it? The traffic, the congestion, and angry, always-in-a-hurry, don’t follow traffic laws drivers. A year and change in, I still get great anxiety while driving, and am still “relearning” how to drive to survive here.

But to leave on a more positive note, look at this picture of this puppy. I’m not a gush over puppies kind of girl, but this one is an exception… she’s wearing a pink top and jeans!

Happy Monday!