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I couldn’t sleep last night. The anxiety of the work week ahead kept me awake, not a great start to a Monday.

Here are some fun things to get my mind off stress, and this sad, rainy Monday, to turn this week around:

Blog: Young House Love. This blog was created by a young couple John and Sherry, who tackle a bunch of DIY projects in learning to be home owners. The blog is funny and highly inspirational. Their relatable point of view has helped their blog grow to the point of it being both of their full time jobs. They’ve even been approached to have their own TV show, but have turned it down because, as they put it, they don’t want to “John and Kate themselves.” Funny. Learning to be creative in making a home more homey in an affordable way has been my project for the last few months, and Young House Love has given me some trendy design decorating tips on an Ikea budget.

Accessory: feathers! I love the feather earrings look that Gwyneth Paltrow rocked at the Grammys. They are so fun for summer. Forever 21, this Etsy shop , or shopstyle have feather earrings in pink (and a ton of different colors) similar to the ones Gwyneth wore.

Netflix: Since moving into the new place, we have become obsessed with Netflix. We get the newest movies in the mail, one at a time. But the best part is being able to stream the old(er) stuff on the PS3. I am slowly catching up on all the TV shows, documentaries, foreign movies, and just plain old regular mainstream classics that I have missed out over the years. AK jokes that I haven’t seen any movies/TV shows before 2002. And he is kind of right because my family never had cable growing up, so until I went to college (in ’02) I basically only watched PBS, musicals, and every Disney movie known to man (seen a million times more than the average human because I have much younger siblings). And the only real movies I went to go see at the theatre with my friends in high school were chic flicks. So, besides Titanic, I missed out on a lot of the classics. In college I started catching up on TV, like trashy MTV shows that my lovely roomie introduced me to, and many, many hours of movie time. So now I am still continuing catching up. A few weeks ago I saw Ghostbusters for the first time, and I also saw a few episodes of My so called life. It’s amazing how high school television shows have changed dramatically in the last decade.

Music: JLo’s new “Invading My Mind” single. I love JLo, and am so far loving her comeback in music and on American Idol.

Book I want to read: The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins. I know its a young adult book, but I’ve heard it’s really good and a quick, suspenseful read. Those are the best. In my experience, 1,976 Amazon.com reviews can’t be wrong. And it’s also being made into a movie, so I love reading books before seeing the movie. Has anyone read it?



Happy Monday!