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Today was my first hair appointment in two years. Crazy, I know. I’ve been trimming my own hair and growing it out after a salon visit disaster two years ago where I walked out with a mullet. Okay, maybe it wasn’t exactly a mullet, but the layers were so high that’s all I could think of every time I looked in the mirror. All I asked for was a trim and layers, and it resulted in a catastrophe that scarred me, and took two years before I could convince myself to go back to a professional to do my hair. I just needed to find a stylist that does what I want and not what she thinks I might want.

But today I did and it was fun! I went to Kindle & Boom, a great salon in Rockville, MD. I found them because of a Groupon back in December that was offering their services for half off. After seeing amazing ratings on Yelp, I decided to buy the Groupon and have them be the first salon I try in the DC area. Today was my off-Friday from work, so it was a perfect opportunity for a salon treatment. My hair is in dire need of some salon grooming and updating after being severely overtreated by me all winter.

Before: yucky orange, damaged hair

After: healthier, no longer orange hair

I loved my stylist. She definitely took the time to know what I want, how I style my hair, and even what products I use. But in addition to listening to me and what I want she gave her own professional opinion, which is good because just ’cause I want something I’ve seen in a magazine doesn’t always mean it will work with my “heart/square” face shape. That’s how she interpreted it at least! Therefore: success! I will no longer let my hair die on me based on a fear of stylists.

Bubble tea is the best "me day" treat ever! Yummm

Before heading back to my couch ridden, post wisdom tooth surgery patient at home, I made a quick stop at Target. Considering the gorgeous 77 degrees & sunny spring day, I could not help myself from browsing through all the colorful spring dresses. Target has brought back their GO International Designer Collection. These are 34 of their best-selling dresses under $45 from 17 past featured designers that hit stores for a limited time on March 13.

The racks were already very picked through with very limited sizes left, but I grabbed every dress that still had my size and ran off to the fitting room! It was so exciting having my arms full of my favorite designer names whose collections I have admired from a far every Fashion Week! It was really hard to narrow down my final choices, but the dresses I went home with are the following:

They are all so fun, and different. I am hoping they will now be my go to pieces for Easter, wedding/rehearsal dinners, or vacations to come! Click here to shop all of the many other gorgeous dresses Target has brought back for one more round.