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Today is a tougher Monday than usual. Daylight’s Savings (although a fantastic concept) is really killing me today.

This is what I wish I was doing:

But instead I am tied to my desk at work. Luckily, today is uneventful, and allowing me to be a zombie  slower than usual.

I needed a Monday lunch break pick me up. Here are some things I’m loving today:

Blog I love: Fantabulously Frugal. I am a huge deal hunter. There’s nothing like the rush and thrill of buying a high quality item at a discounted price! I might even consider deal hunting a hobby, because I spend way too much time doing it… I subscribe to at least 10 different daily deal/sample sale websites, but discovering Fantabulously Frugal has been even better because she does a lot of the work for me! The site is owned by Lisa who summarizes daily deals on all things fabulous, not limited to, but mostly consisting of all things designer, beauty, and fashion related from a ton of different sites. Some that I have been subscribed to and some I never even knew existed or have the time to keep up with. She does a great job notifying of giveaways, free samples, and limited sales. Definitely a deal hunter’s paradise.

can't wait to be here

Travel: I have been buying a lot of flights lately. I’m so excited to finally have my tickets booked to go to Poland in September!! Between weddings and the vacation in Poland, scouring the internet for flight deals has been a regular lunchtime routine. Kayak.com has probably been my favorite. (Kayak.com tip: When you choose a price you like and get the dropdown for different sites you can be directed to, make sure you check all of them! Clicking between orbitz, cheaptickets, and united.com, the final prices changed from the one generated by Kayak.com. Orbitz ended up having a price $100 less! Huge difference. Kayak is a great starting point, but do your research within the site too.) I also found this great list of best travel sites to give me ideas on how to save for flights and am using some of them to help plan the duration of the trip, as well.

♥ Music: Britney’s Femme Fatale album sneak peak. I can’t help it. I’ve been a Britney fan since day 1, and can’t stop now. I didn’t really like “Hold it Against Me”, but it sounds like the rest of the album is much better.

Guilty Pleasure: The Bachelor Finale. I’m ashamed to admit I’m excited. I’ve been on team Emily since the first episode. But honestly can’t see either one of the girls lasting a proposal beyond the Bachelor publicity contract terms. Reality Steve does a hilarious job giving commentary, and also some possible spoilers.

♥ Of course can’t avoid mentioning Japan because it is a big part of this Monday. Although I was appalled that after googling: “Japan donations” the first three results were about Charlie Sheen. Can he really not take a break and let Japan be center of attention for a second? At least he’s donating, but still… It’s nice to see the world joing together to help. Here are some ways we can help.

Count your blessings. Happy Monday!