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After reading this post, on the evolution in fashion over the decades, I came to the realization that in this current point in time, there are pieces in fashion from every decade of the 20th century. I no longer watch old movies and think “wow their clothes look so funny today” because it is all back! The pieces are updated and combined for a modern look; but essentially, all the classic styles of shoes, hemlines, pant styles, and fabrics representing the last one hundred years in fashion are in any fashion magazine I pick up today. I absolutely love it.

Here is a look through the decades and their key items from today’s magazines and recent fashion week collections…


{flapper dresses, tassles, even feather head pieces}


{pencil skirts, neck tie blouses, puffy sleeves, bows, ruffles, thicker heels, fur}


{sweetheart necklines, A-line skirts, hats, military inspired jackets, short sleeved jackets and sweaters}


{cinched waistlines, belts, floral print, wrap dresses, full skirts, polka dots, pearls, hats, gloves, red lips, pumps}


{shift dresses, cat eye makeup, head pieces, flowy sleaves, one sleeve}



{bell bottoms, highwaisted pants, peasant blouses, flowy dresses, jumpsuits}


From looking at the photos from all the different fashion weeks, it seems like the 80s might be the era with the least inspiration leading up to the fall. Last year seemed to be more 80s prevalent, so this year made way for 60s & 70s. However, in the meantime the 80s are still holding on strong with their influences in current season retail… like Express:

{color! neon, gold, crazy patterns, fish net stockings, leg warmers, sweater dresses, shoulder pads, pointy toe pumps, patent leather}


{jean anything, leather anything, the sunglasses, leotards, plaid, leggings, minis, chunky heels/flatforms!}

I remember begging my mom to get me a pair of Delia’s flatforms in middle school. They were like bricks on the bottom of flats, and hurt my feet, but were so cool! haha Therefore, I’m not sure if I’m ready to rock them again… I’ll stick to regular platforms for now.

Of course the trick of 2011  is to mix a bunch of pieces from a combination of these decades into one outfit and make them new again.

Is 2011 having an identity crisis? or is this just a homage to the 20th century?