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Playing with my new DSLR has been overwhelming but fun. I am still very far from taking professional shots, but I am starting to learn some of the millions of settings and getting warmed up. Smoothie making turned into a serious training session of trying out all the different options that the camera provides.

Warmer temperatures, sunny days, and enjoyable runs out side all point to the fact that smoothie season is back! I am a smoothie-aholic. Last year I think I made one every single day, when I was home, all summer. It’s just the perfect breakfast/snack/dessert! When it’s cold out I don’t crave them as much and take the winter off, but lately with strawberries being on sale, and the days getting warmer, the smoothie temptations are back.

There’s really no recipe to share because anything goes!

Bananas are pretty much a standard ingredient, strawberries are a plus, but everything after that depends on what I have around the house. Here are some of the ingredients in my rotation…


  • bananas
  • strawberries
  • peaches
  • mangos
  • blueberries
  • canned pinneapple


  • milk (regular, or vanilla soy, or almond milk are my typical choices)
  • any kind of juice
  • green tea

I’m not really a protein powder kind of smoothie maker, I like it as natural as possible. Occassionally I’ll add some peanut/almond butter or powdered flax, but only if AK isn’t having some because he is scared of flax 🙂