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Gotta love a rainy, lazy Sunday every once in a while. Spent the day relaxing and streaming episodes of “Weeds” from Netflix. It’s an odd topic for a show, but nonetheless very entertaining.

We also made our way to Aldi for a monthly stock up.

photo by Droid

It’s a great place to go and save money on the basic condiments, (and some fun European gourmet items) and stock up for the month. Aldi is often  misconceived, but they are just a simple grocery store with quality generic food items, an efficient cost saving model, and European market feeling that reminds me of grocery shopping in Poland.

In an attempt to save money, I am trying to plan my shopping better and split it into the following stops:

  • Aldi – once a month, for condiments, crackers, cheeses, baking supplies
  • Giant – once a week, for meats, produce, and any last minute items I may need for a recipe
  • Trader Joe’s – every once in a while, for canned items, cereals, juices, breads

I really miss Wegmans in my life. They are some in VA and starting to spread into MD, but still not close enough to make it to my regular rotation. Only chance to stock up at Wegmans is when I go home to upstate NY. Never thought I could live somewhere without one, but as you can see I have found 3 replacements to somehow manage.

$104 spent at Aldi today begins a new step in my goal to use what I have and not go to the grocery store as much. The “do not go to a grocery store for at least a week” challenge begins now.