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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” ~Arthur C. Clarke

I am still working on my goal of restraining myself from going to the grocery store every day. My quest in domestication has also lead me to add a new goal: better food managment. Better food managment will help me to avoid throwing out as much food as I have been lately, and instead prioritizing food that could spoil faster to be eaten first (side effects of an MBA). I think this concept of generated recipes based on ingredients is genius for solving both of these problems, and making the best of all the food I have already purchased. This idea is wonderfully reflective of the smart phone/internet age we live in, and perfect for any domestic diva, so I had to share my top two favorites!

1. My Fridge Food. This one is my favorite. I found this on hiplip. The idea is that you check off the boxes for the items you already have in your fridge and pantry, and the site generates a list of recipes you can create based on the items you have on hand! There is a “basic list”, and then a “detailed kitchen” list of any item you could possibly think of. I like this one compared to others because it allows you to check off items you have from a provided list, instead of trying to think of what items you already have that could possibly go together. It provides that element of surprise (oh i forgot about that) at the long list of options provided in the results.

2. Big Oven. This site is a typical recipe website, with user ratings. But there’s also a section for items you can list that you have at home to generate recipes. The reason I single this one out and not my favorite recipe site, allrecipes, is because there is an phone app for this one. Love. You start with three main ingredients, but you can later add more, choose food categories, add “exclude” ingredient items, and filter by how quick a meal is to prepare! This is great to have for easy access on your phone when you are leaving work, know you need to use up the chicken in the fridge, but are passing a grocery store on the way home and may need some extra items to complete a recipe you have in mind…

Please feel free to comment and let me know if you’ve ever used these, or know of any other domestic diva digital shortcuts.