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A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water ~Eleanor Roosevelt

This is what a snow day in Maryland looks like:
In Rochester this would be considered a heatwave and sign of spring. But to be fair it was icy and it is suppose to get worse. The 5-8″ coming our way are suppose to be during rush hour. It’s just better to be safe than sorry getting caught in the mix of the panic when those two events collide.

I’ve been working from home today since the smallest sign of weather causes everyone else to stay at home, there’s no point in me going in. My job is pretty much all virtual anyways. So what better way than to spice up a cozy day at home up with some homemade chai? I’ve been going through a chai phase lately. Basically obsessed with any kind of tea, but especially chai. In the words of my favorite reality tv addiction, Rachel Zoe, “I die” for it. Might as well have an IV hooked up pouring it in with the amounts I’ve been drinking this winter. After a while of ordering chai made at places such as Starbucks, it starts to taste way too sweet, since it’s premixed. And the one that comes out of the vending machine at work is not sweet at all and tastes gross. So, I decided to buy my own and try to make it my way.

I boiled water and brewed the tea in a mug and let it steep for a while until it got dark. Meanwhile, I warmed up the milk, half & half, and honey in a small pot. After it started to slightly bubble, I used a milk frother to thicken it. Finally, I topped it off with cinnamon. So yummy. Addiction satisfied.

Two days until the move! That’s when my cooking project will truly begin. So far my cooking entails of cleaning out the cans in my pantry so that I don’t have as much to move. Yesterday that turned into a disastrous fail when a broken can opener caused me to finish opening the can with my hand. In retrospect, not my brightest idea. My dinner ended with milk and cereal, my sweater drenched in beans and blood, and my night ruined. Lesson learned: I will purchase a functioning can opener, and am even more determined to be more kitchen savvy.

Update: The promised snowstorm did arrive that night…

snow storm