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New year. New degree. New job. New home. New kitchen. 2011 is a huge turning point.  In four days we are moving into our first very own home. 2 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and one big loft. The loft is our favorite. It’s a large space that represents this new exciting time of freedom from roommates and landlords, and endless possibilities of what to do with it.

After a year of living with roommates and sharing a kitchen with limited space and limited cooking equipment, I am so excited to dust off my old baking gear. Now I will have my own space to bake, make messes, and experiment with food. I love to bake, and all the sweet colorful creativity that comes with it. However, cooking real food is where I need some practice. I have spent the years since college, either living bymyself with no motivation to cook anything that tastes good, or too busy with grad school to eat anything else besides cereal for dinner. So because of the new loft home, new life with my love, and a lot of newly found free time, I have decided to make 2011 the year where I perfect my cooking skills.

Why a blog? Why not. It’s not a matter of whether anyone reads it, but the additional motivation, documentation of a journey, and opportunity for interaction to help me stick with my resolution. Blogs come up when I’m Googling new recipes, and I always find myself sucked in, reading other people’s experiences, pictures, videos, and reviews of recipes helping me get more ideas. I like the community and the idea of people helping each other out, and sharing experiences, whether they know each other or not. Movies like “Julie and Julia” and some of my own friends’ blogs (shoutout: Katie S.) have made me even more intrigued with the idea, and inspired to try it myself! Let’s see how long I can last…